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June 07, 2012

Description Of Work:
I hired Aadvanced Inspection to inspect the house I was going to buy last summer.
Aadvanced Inspection has inspected a long list of items including:
outside: foundation visual checking, flower bed, roof, exterior wall and swimming pool
inside: glasses, structures, plumbing, electricity, air-conditioner and heater in attic.
They asked me to come to the house one hour before the time the inspection to be finished. On the sited, they told me about several major issues found and how much money it will cost to repair on each problem. Then after 24 hour from the time they had finished inspection, I received the inspection report. The inspection report is very professional about 25 pages with many photos supporting the findings. In addition, the owner, Robert, spent about three times over the phone to answer my questions and concerns and explain why the methods were taken and further
investigation. Each phone call lasts about 45 mins to one hour. The work done by Aadvanced Inspection greatly helped me to make decision on whether or not I should buy this house.
Aadvanced Inspection also provided me a list of contractors and subcontractors they knows in Dallas area.
Member Comments:
After I signed the offer for my current house in early June. I begin to search a home inspection company. My friend recommended Aadvanced Inspection to me. I then called this company and they were fully booked and I had to wait for four business days for them to look at the house I was buying. I paid them for house inspection, termite inspection and swimming pool inspection. They started at 8:00am and finish at 1:00pm. They asked me to come to the house at 10:30am and they can explain me what they found. I went the house and met Robert, the owner, and waited there until they finish all their inspection. They checked house with some equipment to measure the temperature and air flow to know the air conditioner. Robert spent about 40 mins to explain what the major issues. After 24 hours I received the professional report. Robert and I told over the phone to answer my questions on the inspection report.
Company Response:
I decisively provide my clients with the most accurate and thorough information as possible. I have been working as a home inspector for 18 years and have evaluated about 6,000 properties. Most reports range from 16 to 28 pages . . . they are very specific to the home inspected. Some inspectors dazzle their clients with 75 to 80 page reports but they are loaded with 50 pages of canned notes on watering the foundation, servicing heat and air and so on. This makes it hard to extract what is relevant to the home inspected. I do provide a separate home maintenance guide that new home owners and/or people coming from out of state will find particularly useful. As far as providing cost estimates of repair I try not to get involved because I would not want to mislead anyone . . . there are a lot of factors