September 21, 2012

Description Of Work:
We are buying an older home and requested an inspection to ensure safety and habitability of the house.
Member Comments:
We contacted AAdvanced Inspections and scheduled an inspection for Saturday, 9/21. Robert Taylor arrived a little prior to 1:00PM . Robert explained the inspection process to us, then set about inspecting each and every item in the house. Robert touched, opened, closed, turned off, turned on, operated, measured, and investigated everything in the house. He is extremely methodical and thorough. After the inspection, Robert published a color-coded report, complete with photos, that detailed his findings. He also took the time to explain his findings, and the significance of the discrepancies. Some items were upgrades, some items affected safety, and a few items were code compliance. We were very pleased with Robert’s inspection process, professionalism, and patience.