February 13, 2013

Description Of Work:
It has been almost three months since we moved into our new home and we are loving it.
We enlisted the help of Robert from AAdvanced Inspections because we were getting ready to purchase a new build home. We were nervous and really wanted an inspector that cared and was willing to educate us on the structure as it was and what to expect in the future as the home matured.
Member Comments:
Robert is truly one of those gems you don’t find today particularly in customer service. Despite my weariness and impatience, this did not cause Robert to become stressed. In fact, he took great patience and care to share his knowledge of home buying and repairs. He put our mind at ease that the purchase we were making was a good one. He even provided a mini list of things he recommended we talk with our builder about before closing the deal. Honest, patient and caring. We hope to use Robert in the future. Thanks Robert and keep up the good work!