January 08, 2013

Description Of Work:
Outstanding A+ Home Inspector!!
Member Comments:
Outstanding service and quality defines this home inspector. Robert Taylor – a former home builder – is an excellent home Inspector!! I have used his services several times now and I have found him to be very thorough and meticulous. His diligent home inspection saved me from making two earlier bad choices. Post inspection he goes over every item and explains every item in clear layperson language.
On a recent home inspection I happened to go back to a property to get a kitchen layout and noticed that there was a leak that had appeared in the wall. I called Robert late that evening to let him know that his had suddenly cropped up after last weeks rains. He assured me that he’d “swing by” the next day to take a look and as promised he went there and gave me a thorough analysis of what was going on. Robert stands behind his work and will go the extra mile for you. He is also an excellent resource for contacts as well. I have used several of his references for home repairs to my current home and they have all worked out very well!!