June 05, 2013

Description Of Work:
Home inspection for a rental property investment
Member Comments:
Robert was first easy to get hold of. He has some really prompt staff who helped us easily schedule appointments. They ensured that we got all the forms and also reminded us by e-mail and phone. We managed to get an appointment, considering it is a busy time. .
Robert was there on-time and it started off well. I decided to join him through the entire inspection and he was okay with it. He seemed very thorough and was busy looking for things the entire time (approximately 3 hrs). He was kind enough to give me periodic updates, so that I didn’t get bored sitting there. He explained everything to me in great detail and didn’t mind the fact that I was new to all this.
In spite of the fact that this was going be a rental property, he noticed all little things and made a note of it and gave good advice. He gave me a sample report to go through so that I could ask him any questions before he gave me mine.
After the inspection, he spent about 45 minutes going over things in greater detail. He promised to provide our report before midnight (6 hours later), which, he promptly did. The report was comprehensive, correct and complete and had everything documented.
He also gave us a free-termite inspection ( $70 value) and 1-year warranty. Overall, great experience and easy to work with and answered a lot of basic questions. A great resource for first-timers using a home inspector.