October 11, 2013

Description Of Work:
Inspected a home that we had a contract on to purchase.
Member Comments:
Robert was excellent. Most thorough inspector we have ever had. Although definitely not the cheapest, he was worth every penny. He found some major issues that we are having our seller repair as well as many smaller issues and we will use his report to fix them ourselves. and get the house in tip top shape. The inspection part of a home portion is VERY important and I could tell the Robert went over the house with fine toothed comb. He spent at least 3 hours inspecting plus at least 1 hour talking to us about everything. He did not hurry us or rush himself. I would definitely use him again if I ever need to.
I also especially liked that I was able to schedule the appointment online the night before. Time was of the essence for our purchase, and he came the very next day.
We had one small problem with payment. Our card was accidentally charged twice. I was able to contact him when I noticed the double charge on our statement, and it was refunded immediately without grief or hesitation. The way this was handled is another reason why I would trust to use him again.