November 19, 2012

Description Of Work:
Home inspection prior to determine whether condo I was buying had any issues that needed correction prior to closing. Based on this inspection, I would say ALWAYS get an inspection by a reputable company. I found AAdvanced Inspections on Angie’s List. Do always use a basis such as Angie’s list to vet contractors. This was my first time using it and now would not want to be without it.
Member Comments:
I contacted Robert of AAdvanced Inspections to perform a home inspection of a condo I was purchasing in the Dallas area. I live in Florida, so my interest in getting inspection was of supreme importance before I made this long distance purchase. Robert did not disappoint me. In fact, he was extremely helpful even before the inspection in responding to my questions and concerns. When he finished the inspection, he called me with details of what he found and followed up within an hour with a full written report accompanied by photos where there were particular concerns. One hears that home inspections are perfunctory or at best superfluous. That could not be less true of Robert’s in-depth and thorough work. Even though the seller’s realtor did not think that the attic space of the condo needed to be checked as it was an HOA responsibility, Robert’s examination yielded significant issues that needed to be dealt with by the HOA to avoid water intrusion. I could not be more pleased or confident that the inspection was as thorough as it needed to be. I feel that I truly received my money’s worth and more by hiring Robert. I would highly recommended him