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Hi Robert, thank you so much for the detailed report. We also appreciated you marking the bowed studs and windows – it saved him from having the mark them for repair.
Thank you for the suggestion about adding dedicated outlets for Christmas lights. We added two (one on each side of the house) with the switch next to the landscape (up lights) on the front of the house. I’ve been teasing Matt that we can now put of outdoor lights for every holiday! 🙂
We had already planned for noise-reducing insulation in the master bedroom water closet, as well as between the media room and bedroom, but I was happy to see it suggested in your report – it means we made the right call on that extra expense.
Oh, and if you were curious about the spray paint on the floor in the game room and media room, the builder said it’s a baseline for the foundation. Drees provides a warranty of sorts for the foundation, so those marks were to show the current elevation or something like that.
Again, thank you very, very much for your help. We’ll definitely be posting a review on Angie’s List soon.

Debbie & Matt McQueeney