Client Comments:
Robert inspected the home and compiled a very complete and professional report outlining all the issues that he found. At first, I was frightened that the house was a lemon, but in conversation, he assured me that the issues found were consistent with a house this age and he felt that the house was well maintained. He is just so thorough, that it makes things look perhaps worse than they really are. some of the items pointed out are good to know, but can probably be just put on a watch list for the future. This inspection for me was very critical, as I was out of town and buying this house after only seeing it one time.
Robert was very accessible by phone and e-mail and we spoke several times before and after the inspection which helped me enormously in getting a feel for the quality of the home I was buying.
Robert also conducted a termite inspection which was also good, perhaps not to the high standard of the home inspection, but still complete and professional.
I still get helpful e-mails from Robert (marketing, but good stuff) from time-to-time and is good information for homeowners.
Overall, totally impressed with the pre-inspection, inspection, post-inspection and even the helpful hints that he continues to send.