Description Of Work: 
A complete home inspection was performed on a home I put an offer in on. It covered structure, general electrical, appliances, plumbing, termites, and sprinkler system
Client Comments:
I was impressed with this company’s flexibility in working with us to complete an inspection on short notice (Called Thursday) AND on a Sunday. The inspector arrived on-time and ready to complete the inspection. Before getting to work, he explained all the things he would be doing and gave a general, but very accurate timeframe for how long he would be. I’d read that some inspectors like to be left alone while performing the inspection, but this one encouraged me to follow him and ask questions when they arose. I didn’t follow for very long, so he stopped his inspection periodically to inform me of anything I may want to see first hand or have looked at by an outside contractor. This made reading through his report much easier as I had his photos and description as well as the bonus of having seen the issues with my own eyes. He (Robert) was knowledgeable and able to say that something may have been “wrong” but would not be an actual issue down the road as far as proper function, wear, etc. When he’d finished and was running through anything that would be in the report, he was patient enough to walk me through the home again to the issue if I had any further questions. My agent arrived part of the way through the inspection and he answered her questions to satisfaction as well.
His report arrived to me by email later that evening (awesome!) and included photos and descriptions and everything we’d discussed earlier that day. He used color coding and bold font to point out items he thought were significant that I may want to get checked specifically by a plumber, electrician, HVAC specialist etc.
Overall, I was very impressed with the job he did. He was not only complete, but Robert was courteous, punctual, patient, and knowledgeable
Company Response: 
I am always pleased to here from satisfied customers. I needed to add a note, I do not inspect homes on Sundays. There was some minor confusion and the client needed it before the weekend ended; I managed to make this work. I aim to please and do take adequate time to discuss the findings with all of my clients but do not usually chat along the way . . . it was Sunday and my client arrived at the start so I thought I would explain a few details now and again so that the process would be tolerable for my client. In the future I will inspect your home and explain in detail all that you need to know before leaving the property. I look forward to working with you, don’t hesitate to call.

What did you like most about this contractor? Knowledgeable, PUNCTUAL, and courteous