Description Of Work: 
The receptionist was very friendly and helpful. Robert (the owner/inspector) arrived on time and well-prepared. He was very friendly and thorough. He was at the site for 4 hours. He found several (10-15 minor items), all which need some basic TLC but can be fixed fairly easy. He was very informative and willing to explain things when asked, which isn’t easy to do when someone is hovering over you and you are trying to work 🙂

He did the usual inspection stuff (mechanical/structural), WDI, gas line, sprinkler system, and pool inspection. He explained some of the minor issues he found in great detail with myself and realtor present right after the inspection was complete and made sure we understood everything.
Client Comments:
The report was sent the same day by 7PM. The next morning (on a Saturday) Robert was available by phone to answer some questions I had regarding the report, where he went into more detail to address my questions.

A small booklet (10-15 pages stapled together) was included at the beginning of the inspection with very basic but useful information explaining water heater, AC, heater, foundations and much more… Definitely worth reading if becoming a home owner…
Company Response: 
Fortunately for my client the inspection went very well. There was an issue regarding a “Uniclor” chlorine generator that I researched; called three pool equipment suppliers before we could pin down exactly what this dated equipment was. Turns out the Uniclor is discontinued and there are no parts available. I recommended it be removed since it was no longer attached to the pool equipment but was still electrically charged. The booklet I provide to each client is a comprehensive maintenance guide in laymen terms for home care which is twenty-eight pages.

What did you like most about this contractor? Friendly willing to answer questions, patient, but through