Description Of Work: 
Inspected a home we’d just purchased (5500 sf home on 1.5 acres w/ pool/spa, aerobic septic)
Client Comments:
I called AAdvanced Inspections on Friday to request a home inspection and was told he could come the NEXT DAY. (This is unheard of!). The receptionist was remarkably friendly, helpful and, without even being asked, worked to get our inspection done very quickly.
Robert (the owner/inspector) arrived on time and well-prepared. He was very friendly, soft-spoken and thorough. He was at the site for over 4 hours and literally left no stone unturned. He did the usual inspection stuff, like checking the faucets, appliances, electrical, etc., then stuck around while the pool guy was there to go over some issues with a malfunctioning pump. He explained some of the minor issues he found in great detail and made sure we understood not only what was wrong, but how to address the issue AND gave us a list of various contractors who specialized in these issues. We received our inspection report the next morning and he also told us that we could feel free to call any time with questions – he then went on to tell us that even months or years down the road, if we run into any issues to please call him and he’d be happy to help us out.

We have already called him once and have maintained email contact with a few follow-up questions and he is incredibly prompt about returning messages and thorough in the information he gives.

Honestly, having Robert inspect your home is like having your dad there with you – he’s really thorough, honest and truly has the best interest of the home buyer in mind when going through the process. I have NEVER had such a fabulous home inspection and I feel very confident that we made a good purchase, mainly because I know that he was so meticulous in his inspection.

What did you like most about this contractor? Honest, reliable, thorough
What words of advice would you give other Clients considering this contractor? Plan on spending a good amount of time at the home/property you’re having inspected. He is very thorough and takes his time (not slow, just meticulous)