Ziyan W., Allen, TX
September 30, 2011
Description Of Work: 
Robert inspected the house we are going to buy. Also gave us a lot of help when there was some problem found during final walk through.
Client Comments: 
There are many good stories about Robert’s service (actually I read most of them before choosing him) and I’d like to share mine with other Clients too. I have to say that I was expecting good service after reading all the good words, and what I actually got was even better than I could ever imagine 🙂

Let me start from the beginning. People working in Robert’s office are kind and patient. They helped me setup the appointment and sent me reminders a day before the appointment date. It was arranged at 8:15AM and when we arrived at the house at around 10:30AM Robert had already finished a lot of work. As first time home buyers we don’t know much about the house. Robert explained everything he found in detail to us. He is very knowable about every aspect of the house. He showed us some problems he identified and explained which might need to get more attentions, and which might be just normal wear out. For the normal wear out he gave us advices on how to maintain the house in the future. It was a comprehensive and thorough inspection and Robert even spent some time looking at the trees in the side yard. He did find problems with the oak trees and put them in his report. We were able to get sellers took care of the trees before closing.

Our realtor was not able to show up until noon. Robert had another appointment at 1pm and it was on the other side of the Metroplex. However, he kindly waited until our realtor showed up, and explained the problems he found to her. In general Robert is really nice, kind and patient to work with.

Robert’s report is clear and thorough. We got our report the same day in the evening (even though he got appointments the whole day). This got us extra time to discuss the issues and talk with the seller.

OK, the good story hasn’t ended yet. Now the inspection has finished for a month and we made a deal with the seller (by using Robert’s report to negotiate of course). Our realtor arranged a final walk through for us and we really didn’t expect to see anything as the seller had already sent us all the repair receipts. However, we did find water marks and bubble on the ceiling of a bedroom. I’m 100% sure this was not there when the inspection was done a month ago. We were all frustrated to see this right before closing. I decided to contact Robert for help. To be honest, I was just expecting to get some simple advice from Robert, but he replied right away and said he would like to go to the house first thing in the morning on the second day to check this for us. It was already like 9:30PM in the evening but he managed to make an appointment with the seller at 8:30AM the second day. ReClient the inspection was already done a month ago, so this was additional service in an extremely short notice!

On the second day Robert helped us identified the problem and the seller agreed to fix it before closing. As the builder also showed up for this emergency, Robert even talked to the builder for us and showed him some negligence when the house was built. The builder finally agreed to fix them for us!

Now the house is ready to close and all I want to say to Robert is Thank You. Working with him is one of the best moments of our entire house buying process.

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money’s worth
Why did you choose this contractor? reputation
What did you like most about this contractor? Professional, kind, knowledgeable, patient
What words of advice would you give other Clients considering this contractor?After working with him I believe all the good stories are real 🙂