Work Completed Date: 
August 16, 2011
Approximate Cost: 
Home Build Year: 
Description Of Work: 
After my mother passed away, I wanted to get her house inspected. It is 57 years old, and has been her residence for all of that time. I was concerned that termites and water damage would make the house unfeasible to keep.
Client Comments: 
Robert was great. On time, efficient, everything I could have asked for. I let him in and gave him the low down on a couple of quirks (for example, the back storm door latch is quirky and has been known to lock people out). I went back to work until he called me that he was about 30 minutes from being done. All of this in 108 degree heat – which made the attic at least 130 degrees! He was careful to explain different items that he found to me and discussed what repairs should be made and a ball park estimate of what some of it should cost. The report he sent me later that night was great, with clear pictures of the items noted in the text.