Work Completed Date: 
March 21, 2011
Approximate Cost: 
Description Of Work: 
A home inspection was done to provide the buyers with full knowledge of all problems with a home in the process of being purchased. Robert was thorough in both his inspection and in is explanations. This is a service that we have paid for previously with other companies and thus we have the ability to accurately compare the experiences and Aadvanced Inspections was fantastic and far superior to our previous experiences.
Client Comments: 
Robert arrived and explained, in detain, all that he would be doing over the course of his inspection. He was friendly, as well as, open to questions without even the slighted tenancy towards condescension. We have multiple pets and he was patient and concerned with their safety throughout the process. The inspection was done in multiple portions allowing time in between for a session of explanation for the portion just completed. At the finish of his job he reviewed, with photos, all that had been covered and allowed questions to be asked and even gave useful advice on how to proceed with some of the problem areas. He was clean, thorough, respectful and concerned throughout the process. I would especially recommend him if you are a first time buyer, he will hive you the tools to proceed with your sale and come out ahead. We were extremely satisfied with all elements of the service: call for inquiry, service call and closing of the transaction.
What did you like most about this contractor? He was straight forward and thorough.
What words of advice would you give other Clients considering this contractor? Paying for AAdvanced Inspections service is money well spent.
What words of advice would you give this contractor? Keep up the great work!