Work Completed Date: 
November 05, 2010
Description Of Work:
Robert was amazing, so very detailed and thorough. I would use and recommend him to everyone trying to buy a home!
Client Comments: 
His very detailed and helpful inspection helped me in deciding whether or not to purchase a home.
Company Response: 
This home was interesting in that at first glance a handy seller did a tasteful refurbishing of the home however as I delved in to the details there was a surprisingly long punch list of things to do.
A short list of main concerns included:
a) high carbon monoxide readings at the furnace
b) several issues related to the furnace closet space, air make up and return air issues
c) no air flow to a supply vent at the room furthest from the HVAC system
d) ungrounded electrical panel and aluminum wiring issues
e) a wall had been removed between the family and dining rooms and a long sagging support beam – there was no attic access to approve or condemn the installation
f) a foundation previously repaired but signs of additional movement now required further review . . .
So when the Client is ready, I hope to be there to help her with a home purchase that will minimize her out of pocket expenses.