M’liss Evans, 1307 Woodland Court, ALLEN TX 75002

Home Build Year: 1981

Description Of Work: Complete home inspection for mortgage process. Mr. Taylor checked everything from roof top to foundation.

Comments: I was put at ease during the process. Mr. Taylor was very pleasant, patient and professional Being a first time homebuyer I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mr. Taylor took time to explain everything, every step of the way. He never made me feel like any question I asked was a stupid one or a waste of his time. He pointed out a number of things that I should address as well as giving me an idea of what the order of importance should be. There were so many things he showed me that I would have never thought to look at. He was very thorough and knowlegible. After his inspection I felt much more confident in my choice of homes and knew what the condition of the major items were. His final report was excellent, a great deal of detail as well as pictures. My mortgage broker even commented on how thorough the report was. He also spoke with my A/C person and pointed out a few areas in need of repair. In addition, he provided me with resource materials on foundation watering, insect infestation information and other homeowner items that may come up. I have recommended him to others in our company being transferred and would definitely use him for future purchases. A very pleasant experience all around and definitely money well spent.

What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? Definitely hire him to do your inspection. He was very thorough and pointed out everything, down to the smallest item that would need to be taken care of at some point or should be watched.

What words of advice would you give this contractor? Great job, continue on the same way. It was a pleasure doing business with you.