Termite InspectionThe termite inspection is also referred to as a WDI Report, WDIR, or its legal title “The Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report”.  Inspectors must be licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture and carry the required insurance in order to perform and write the WDI report. The inspection is a non-invasive examination of the home for evidence of past or present termite activity. The report will also note whether there are signs of past treatment or bait station monitoring. The report will address issues that are conducive to subterranean termites and other wood-destroying insects per the TDA.

Termite InspectionThis Publication by Texas Agricultural Extension Service on Subterranean Termites is informative and includes color photos.

The left photo shows a typical Subterranean Termite shelter tube on an exterior foundation. The right photo is an example of termites that have infested framing lumber beneath the drywall, inside the wall of a home.

This link will open a sample report of a completed WDI Inspection. Please give the file a little extra time to open.

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