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One of the ways to judge the quality and professionalism of the work done by a home inspector is to take a look at their inspection report. We’ve included Sample reports here for you.

Please be patient, it may take a few seconds for some of the larger files to open. The names & addresses are modified for our client’s privacy in the attached sample reports.

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Are much different than that of the Property Inspection Report; reports are not regulated by TREC. Reporting communication and information is uniquely individual based upon the knowledge and experience of the Inspector. Having been a Framing Contractor then a Building Contractor for seventeen years and an Inspector for twenty-six years it is to your advantage to use Aadvanced Inspections Inc. when conducting this type of inspection.

View Report / Age 2022 / 3000 SF


View Report / Age 1983 / 3600 SF

View Report / Age 1970 / 3082 SF


View Report / Age 2015 / 8200 SF


View Report / Age 2022 /  4162 SF

View Report / Age 2022 /  3850 SF

View Report / Age 2022 / 2700 SF

View Report / Age 2022 / 3077 SF


View Report / Age 2022 


View Report / Age 2021 


The Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report may also be referred to as the WDRI Report, WDI Report, or Termite Report.

View Report  WDI Report 1

View Report – WDI Report 2

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