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One of the ways to judge the quality and professionalism of the work done by a home inspector is to take a look at their inspection report. We’ve included Samples here for you.

Please be patient, it may take a few seconds for some of the larger files to open. The names & addresses are modified for our client’s privacy in the attached sample reports.

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SINGLE STORY, SMALL HOME, PIER & BEAM, built 1958 several issues

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A SINGLE STORY 1880 SF INVESTOR RENTAL PURCHASE built 1979  deferred maintenance

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A SINGLE STORY 1900 SF HOME built-in 2000 with drainage issues around the perimeter

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A SINGLE STORY, 2300 SF SLAB HOME, built 1974

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A THREE LEVEL TOWNHOME, BOUGHT AT AUCTION, built-in 1995, with a number of issues.

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A TWO STORY 3550 SF NEWLY CONSTRUCTED built-in 2015 just before the walkthrough.

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A TWO STORY 3400 SF NEWLY CONSTRUCTED built 2015 before the walkthrough.

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A TWO STORY 4600 SF MODEL HOME built 2012 BUT SOLD 2014  modifications without city inspection

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MODEL HOME REINSPECTION, many items were incomplete

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Pre drywall Reports

Are much different than that of the Property Inspection Report; reports are not regulated by TREC. Reporting communication and information is uniquely individual based upon the knowledge and experience of the Inspector. Having been a Framing Contractor then a Building Contractor for seventeen years and an Inspector for twenty-six years it is to your advantage to use Aadvanced Inspections Inc. when conducting this type of inspection.

2300 SF Aubrey Report
3400 SF Carrollton Report
3800 SF Frisco Report

Termite Inspection Reports

The Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report may be referred to as the WDRI Report, WDI Report, or Termite Report. A completed wood destroying insect report. View Report

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