Have Your Home Ready For The Inspector with this Preinspection Checklist

A proper home inspection takes approximately 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the size of the home. Occasionally conditions exist which make areas &/or systems inaccessible for inspection. This may cause a buyer to schedule a return inspection at an additional cost.


  • PLEASE clear adequate kitchen counter space for the inspector to work at.
  • Any thing you would like or need to relay to the inspector please leave note on clean kitchen counter.
  • Let the inspector know if there are any items, systems or areas that should not be inspected or tested due to known damage &/or potential hazards.
  • Window blinds that are cut short and sometimes fall out of the support brackets – let the inspector know
  • Pets either remove from property or secure so that they will not get away or block the inspectors work.
  • Security system ON or OFF? (if ON, the inspector will need the codes in advance of the inspection date).
  • If the home is winterized, have it dewinterized before the inspection date.
  • Water on to the property?
  • Electric on to the property?
  • Gas on to the property?
  • Heating system & water heater pilot lights on?
  • Sprinkler – make sure water is turned on at the valve box ready to operate
  • Doors to exterior with dead bolts please unlock or have keys readily available to open.
  • Unlock yard gates.
  • Remove all items blocking passage & access to: water heaters, furnace, sprinkler time clock, pool/spa equipment, and crawl spaces beneath the home.
  • Clear the range top & remove items from oven & microwave.
  • Clear the kitchen sink.
  • Have dishwasher loaded (ready with soap if you choose). We will run it through a complete cycle.
  • Remove knick-knacks from toilet lids.
  • Remove baby proofing (one safety cover from each outlet).
  • Attic access blocked by vehicle, storage, shelving or other items?
  • Remove items blocking access to attic furnace(s); clear a path to the equipment.
  • Remove all exterior faucet covers or freeze guard.
  • Leave out remote controls in an obvious place in the room that operates fans/lights.
  • Leave out remote control or instructions for powered driveway gates.
  • Have the gas key available at the fireplace.
  • Ice makers or small refrigerators please turn on the day prior to inspection.
  • Make sure pool levels are up high enough to operate the equipment. If you have a pool sweep please have it connected ready to operate. If there is a gas furnace with a pilot light, please make sure that it is lighted.
  • If pier & beam foundation – remove all items blocking the crawl space hatch. Leave an obvious note in the kitchen explaining where to find the access hatch(s).
  • Regarding termite inspections; 1) remove wood & fire wood sitting directly on the ground next to home (the further the better) 2) Sheds or structures against the home are often considered a conducive condition (move back from home far enough so that the foundation is clearly visible) 3) dense foliage hiding the foundation should be cut back six inches from the home to expose the foundation 4) soil covering the foundation & brick veneer needs to be lowered so that at least two inches of foundation can be seen


Preinspection Checklist

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