Pre-Owned Home Inspection

The inspection process covers all visible and accessible components of the home. Items that are of most importance are the foundation, roof, heat, air, moisture intrusion. There are 5 major categories we inspect Structural, Electric, Heat & Air, Plumbing, Appliances each of which is broken down into great detail. For example, Electrical includes accessible lighting fixtures, & fans, switches, outlets, ground fault interrupt, CO & smoke detectors, disconnects for HVAC and water heater, removal of the electric panel cover, and evaluation. There is the Optional Items report section which includes swimming pools, sprinklers, and other items. Things that inspectors are not required to report on but we often encounter will be noted in the report may include visual signs of mold, termites, and rodents activity in the attic.

We recommend you attend the inspection to go over the most important discoveries that we’ve made. Together, we will discuss and take a first-hand look at any issues. We communicate clearly to help you understand what the important points to pursue in your negotiations are.

After the onsite portion of the home inspection is completed, you will receive a comprehensive, detailed computerized inspection report with photos.

We carry Error & Omissions insurance as required by the state of Texas. We carry General Liability insurance, which Texas does not require but provides another layer of coverage for the inspector and property.

We are available either by phone or email at any time. We are available to answer questions and provide you with solutions to help assist you long after the home inspection has been completed. We are your home buying advocate.

“It was a pleasure working with Mr. Taylor and having him perform the inspection of a house which we were considering purchasing in December 2018. His inspection of the house was very detailed and complete, identifying all of the items of concern. His knowledge and attention to detail are very well welcomed and appreciated. His honestly, professionalism, and integrity are admired assets.” – Review of AAdvanced Inspections Inc. By William Banks

Professional, Knowledgeable, Thorough, AAdvanced Inspections Inc. provides outstanding service to help you to make a confident buying decision.

Buying a home means making the best decision for your family. Our licensed and professional home inspectors have the experience and provide the services with due diligence to give you the “Peace Of Mind” you deserve on the home we inspect. Schedule your home inspection with AAdvanced Inspections Inc., Today!

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