Why Should A Home Owner Do a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Pre-Listing InspectionA pre-listing inspection provides sellers with upfront information about the condition of their property, which gives them more control over repairs.

Homes that have a pre-listing inspection generally sell faster and have fewer inspection-related issues to negotiate, enabling a smoother transaction.

If the pre-listing inspection uncovers any major issues, they can be assessed and resolved on your time frame in advance of your home listing. Many small issues can be dealt with quickly and inexpensively to reduce the length of the inspection report. A seller shouldn’t automatically assume that everything reported needs to be fixed before putting the home on the market. This real estate professional may advise what repairs are of most importance and could affect the sale.

A pre-listing inspection can reinforce the seller’s asking price. It enables agents to explain how the inspection report—plus any repairs that were made before listing—helped the sellers arrive at the home’s value. I encourage the seller to provide a list of upgrades and repairs to the home to show that the home has been well maintained. You can feel confident that your home is ready to market.

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