Why would I possibly need a new home inspected since the city inspectors do that already? The builder ensures me that they contract directly with a 3rd party inspection company to examine the home for issues and report on items in need of attention.

New Construction InspectionAs it is the builder has a different inspection criteria report that does not match the TREC “Texas Real Estate Commission” guidelines.  I have seen the builder’s reports and there not meant to be comprehensive to the public. The Texas state TREC guidelines are exceptionally written on how to examine and report on one-three unit dwellings. I have completed many New Home inspections following up after the city inspectors and the builder’s chosen 3rd party inspection team. Often I have a full list of issues that need attention that I include in my inspection report.

I often find such things as missing insulation, missing GFCI circuits, AFCI breakers that do not trip in the panel, bath and laundry room vents that will not open at the exterior, missing or inadequate roof flashing, damaged sprinkler lines, poor property line drainage, cracks in the entry walk, incomplete sealant around some windows or wall penetration . . . etc.

New Home inspections include a summary page at the end of the report to streamline specifically what I discovered. This makes it easier for both the client and the builder to address the punch list of items that should be completed before closing.

Select New Home Inspection to see a completed. Please give the file a little extra time to open.

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