Foundation Diagram & Elevation I offer foundation elevation measuring with a diagram for your peace of mind. I use a Zip Level Pro 2000 which is the favored tool used by structural engineers and foundation repair salesmen.

Reasons you may choose to include this report along with a home inspection is to establish a benchmark of where the home elevations are at a specific date.

If the home had undergone recent repairs and there is no elevation measurements available.

If you have elevation measurements from prior foundation work and want to check if there has been movement since.

If you would like to be able to monitor the movement of the home.

If you have a large tree that you would like to keep but have concerns . . . drainage issue concerns . . . or other reasons.

If your new home has numerous cracks in the foundation surface . . . The builder assures you that there is no issue and reminds you that you have a 10-year structural warranty.

You do not need to spend your money on this diagram in order for me to be clearly communicated to you the status of the foundation. Upon completing your home inspection I will advise you if the home should be further evaluated by a structural engineer.  If this happens it will because the home exceeds allowable tolerances and some action will need to be taken in order to stabilize the home. A structural engineer will charge 2 to 3X the cost of my foundation elevation diagram and since they are a specialist in their field they are qualified to make recommendations and design a repair plan.

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