Did You Waive Your Home Inspection? Post Closing Home Inspection


Congratulations on your recent home sales. We know the market has been crazy lately, and deals are happening fast and furious.

We’re sure you’ve seen many of your home sales in the DFW area close without a Home Inspection, and your clients are now living in their home without any knowledge of what issues there might be.

As you know, the home inspection is very critical, especially for your “as-is” property buyers. Unfortunately, in recent times, many homebuyers have skipped the home inspection to secure the home. If this has been the case with your home buyers, we offer your home buyers a Post Closing Inspection.

This Post Closing Home Inspection will allow your client to determine the newly purchased home’s overall condition, including its structural soundness. Although they will not be able to go back to the seller for any repair requests, it is still important for them to know if any issues need to be addressed, especially safety, function, and structure.

If your client bought their home without a home inspection, please accept my offer to include an Infrared Inspection at no additional cost along with their Post Closing Inspection. 



Thank you, and have a wonderful day.
Robert Taylor
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