Does the WDI report indicate active termites?

Client –Your WDI report map has (AS) marks but no description. Are there active termites?Robert –The WDI report is filled out correctlypage 1 section 8, checked active subterranean termitespage 1 section 8G description Sub-termites . . . area: foundation...

How do I obtain a inspection quote?

Client –I was wondering if you could give me a quote for an inspection on an Addison property I got into contract today. Price and availability would be really helpful. Please let me know.Robert –I’d be happy to. I do need more details i.e. address, size,...

Who do you recommend for carpet cleaning?

Client –Robert, I needed a favor; I referred to the subcontractor list on your website but didn’t find it. Could you please let me know the names of few carpet cleaning companies. I don’t want to go by the Google list and since this is our first time we...

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