Buying a house is exciting, but it also involves a great deal of time and effort. It includes finding the right real estate agent, looking at financing options, locating the property that has the features, location and the price that works within Your budget.  

Property inspection is an essential step in the home buying process. It can help avoid making the costly mistake of buying a house that requires expensive, unforeseen repairs.

A general home inspection includes these basics: foundation inspection, exterior & interior surfaces inspection, appliance inspections, mechanical inspection, roof inspection and much more . . . see the tab “Services”. Additionally we will provide the following options if You need them: swimming pool inspection, spa inspection, infrared inspection, termite inspection.

Some Ways Potential Buyers Near Frisco Can Benefit from Property Inspection Results

An experienced home inspector will naturally find issues that are camouflaged to the untrained eye. The report that home inspectors provide can help benefit You in the following ways:

  • Bring to the attention a room addition or conversion issues that may not meet building code
  • Renegotiate the offer price based on critical inspection discoveries 
  • Forecast Your budget based on the current condition and shelf-life of the installed equipment
  • Bring to the forefront  potential home insurance quandaries 
  • Terminate the purchase contract if the inspection findings are discouraging

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Home Inspector

With so many professional home inspectors in Plano, finding one is not a difficult task. However, choosing the right one who will uncover all the potential issues with Your dream home can be a challenge, especially for first-time home Buyers.

  1. Ensure that the Home Inspector is Qualified and Experienced. Although credentials are significant, their experience working as a property inspector will give You a better idea of what to expect. All property inspectors must follow and abide by the TREC guidelines. However, this does not mean they will provide equal examination and reporting.

    The best home inspectors have several years of practice on the job in addition to continuing education classroom hours. A professional and experienced inspector will follow the state guidelines, be thorough in their work, communicate clearly, and report accurately.
  2. Seek a Recommendation. Friends, association news postings, relatives and co-workers are a viable source for identifying potential inspectors. Once You have a gathered some names, take a look at their reviews on Angieslist, Google, other internet enquiries . . . do Your research and lookup social media reviews. If You know Your real estate agent well and trust them, You may ask them to recommend a home inspector.
  3. Understand Everything About the Inspection Process. The inspector is trained and licensed by the state of Texas to conduct residential home inspections. The inspector will quote You a price based on the square footage, age, location, amenities and additional specialty inspection requests. They will schedule the appointment date and time with the Buyer. They will set the appointment with either the Listing Agent or through CSS Centralized Showing Systems. They will conduct the inspection on sight and may verbally share the important details with the Buyer if they are able to attend. A report will be completed and sent to the Buyer and Buyer’s agent within twenty-four hours. The inspector usually is available for further clarification if needed. Details of what the inspection entails is listed on my website 
  4. Discuss Possible Solutions After the Inspection. Many home inspectors Do Not discuss ways to fix the problems they discover. A thorough home inspector, like Aadvanced Inspections Inc., will guide You through the concerns You may have. I will help You to understand what is most important and in some cases I may discuss possible solutions to some issues. I will help You understand the major issues in order to help You negotiate with the Seller before You finalize the deal. It is not the responsibility of the property inspector to quote repair costs. In some cases I can recommend professional agencies that are capable of handling the repairs. Choosing top-notch inspector is likely to save You money and provide You peace of mind.