Organic Search Makes Paid Search Almost 4 times More Clickable
Key Yessaad

Even if you rely on Paid Search — Organic Search makes Paid Search almost 4 times more clickable…Real Estate SEO Ideas
New York University Professors did a Study on the impart of Organic Search on Paid Search (also know as Click Marketing, PPC, Google Adwords, etc…) and their findings are quite revealing…

A User is 4 times more likely to click on a Paid Search when an Organic Search Listing from the same Website is Present than Not.

This is HUGE!!!

It means that you cannot just rely on growing your Real Estate Internet Presence by paying your way through Click Marketing alone — You MUST have a strategy to rank Organically.

Professors Anindya Ghose and Sha Yang have highlighted the following findings:

On average, the impact of organic listings on paid advertising is 3.5 times stronger than vice-versa, possibly because of the tendency of consumers to trust organic listings more than paid ads.
The positive association between paid and organic listings increases advertisers’ profits by at least 6.15% when compared to profits in the absence of either of them. The positive association is strongest when advertiser-specific keywords are used and weakest when brand-specific and generic keywords are used.
Click-through rates, conversion rates and total revenues are higher when both paid and organic listings are present simultaneously than when paid search ads are absent.
The combined click-through rates are 5.1% higher when paid and organic listings are present simultaneously than when only the organic listings are present.
The combined conversion rate increases 11.7% when paid and organic listings are present simultaneously than when organic listings alone are present.
The complete findings from the study are evidently available in a paper entitled “Analyzing the Relationship between Organic and Sponsored Search Advertising: Positive, Negative or Zero Interdependence?” It’s 52 pages long.

What Now (a few ideas):

Are you in charge of your website and its content? If not ask that your Website providers open up those channels to you and your staff.
Is your website just a glorified IDX feed designed for Pay-per-Click? Time for you to panic… No No… Just Kidding — educate yourself and go about building the right Web Presence.
What Content should I include? Offer Solutions for your localized market and you will be fine.
Integrate your Web Strategy within your Business Marketing Practices.
Be in Charge of your Real Estate Internet Visibility even when you hire Webmasters and Professionals to deploy them for you.