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Some builders do not allow changes because, it delays the completion schedule. Changes often require submittal to the city’s building department for approval. Any item that requires a licensed individual plumber, electrician, heat & air will need to be submitted as an addendum to the original plan to the building department. This is also true when and structural items i.e. moving a structural wall a few inches or more. These changes will require a diagram and engineer’s calculations.

Changes take time and cost money. The builder will likely charge what seems to be an exorbitant amount but there is more than just installing a few additional outlets . . . change addendum submittal and approval to the city, construction delay, completion delay, additional expense to the builder to carry the construction loan longer should they exceed the target date. Some of these changes will influence more than electrical and drywall there may be some other finish detail consequences that were unanticipated.

Always get changes to the plans and things that the Super agrees to fix in writing because . . .  The Super you are working with may not be the same Super that you finish your project with. The new Super did not make the promise and has no idea what his predecessor volunteered to do. Without something in writing it is unlikely that the change will ever get done.

Sales staff are typically your friend, cheerful, upbeat, they aim to please. They have been known to agree to some construction changes that will make you happy while in the immediate conversation BUT a change order still needs to be drafted and signed by the builder and you. You would be surprised how the Super never hears about verbal changes that the sales team offered. So IN THE END when you have insisted numerous times that your change request has not been addressed it may become impossible to execute UNLESS you possess a signed Change Order.

REMEMBER – the smoothest most agreeable changes to your future home should take place before the structural frame is erected and certainly before the walls are covered inside and out.