Client –

We are very close to the completion date of the house.

As of now, I think very minor stuff is still left like color repainting, wall patches, and trim color of the baseboard.

I wanted to know when do you come in for the post house inspection.

And what exactly the post house inspection covers?

Robert –

The final inspection is a mechanical & structural inspection of all that is present. The inspection should take place 1 or 2 days before your walk through meeting with the builder. It is expected that you be closing about 5 days after the walk through. The builder intends to have your list of cosmetic items and also any thing that is presented to him for completion between your walk through and one final walk through the day before closing.

Please look at the list provided on my website at the tab what we inspect.

Open Click Here To View Inspection Standards 535.227 – 535.233 released January 1, 2014 to see what the state guidelines include.

Look at the tab “Reports” and select residential to view some completed inspection reports preferably a newer home.

I have attached a recent model home. The builder sold this home when the finished the neighborhood, It had never been lived in. The home was a showcase house for prospective buyers and as it turned out had a surprising number of code violations. The builder modified the home after completion to enhance the appearance but without a permit.