Client –

I wanted to touch base with you for 3 things and sorry for emailing you so late.

  1. Roofing: Random Sampling of Material Reveals: Shingles bonded together – Unable to separate the shingles without tearing them.

Answer: The builder and the roofing guy said that this is the normal way to bond the shingles. They did not understand what you meant by this line and did not think about this as the defect.

  1. Air/Vent cooling and heating:

Did you check the heating because even if I keep temp at 75F, I get cool air although the heat system is ON?

And then its always cold while temp inside the house shows below 75F.

  1. Also in master bathroom the water from the tap takes really long time to get hot water. I understand that the heaters are in the garage and can take long but this one is sometime like 10min for running water.


Just wanted to have your opinion.

What I am really worried about the Heating cooling system which I feel is not working as per my expectation. I would like to request you as a part of inspection to check it again if possible.

Robert –

1) TREC guidelines want inspectors to peel back a random number of shingles to see if they are fastened with staples or nails. The comment I made was simply to state that I would cause damage to the shingles if I were to peel back a layer they are already adhering together – which is common.

Very few homes can I peel back the shingles.

2) Yes – copied from the report

Heating Equipment

Type of Systems: Forced Central Air

Energy Sources: Gas

Comments: Two gas furnace(s) flame pattern appears normal, operation appears to be good.

 Note that the downstairs HVAC system has a fresh air ventilation system that pulls outside air into the home about 20 to 30% of the time if it is working properly SEE the following that is in the report on pages 15-16.

YOU MAY WANT TO TURN THIS SYSTEM OFF! Or have the builder’s contractor look it over to see if it is working correctly.

3) You should time it precisely and see what happens. Worst case scenario for getting hot water to a location that I have seen is 3 minutes and that is not a good thing. The builder may say there is nothing he can do to the routing of the plumbing lines however I would press the builder on this issue as being unacceptable if in fact it takes 3 minutes or more.

Last statement – have the builder make the corrections to the furnace first then second if this does not improve contact my subcontractor Albert (have him look at the system not his workers) he charges about $50 per unit evaluation and specializes in heat and air.

Heat & Air – Atlantic AC – (ask for Albert the owner to come out) 972-247-9536

There you go – I am available to help further as needed.