Client –

I was trying to clean the Jacuzzi today and was having a hard time getting it to start.

Is there a trick, I only see one button and it doesn’t do anything when I depress the button.  Is there something I am not doing correctly?

Robert –

It is hard to remember the details or specifics on all the tubs I operate but there is often a wall switch in the bathroom (an override switch) that needs to be turned on along with the power switch at the tub. If you look by the entry to the bath there may be one additional switch that does not turn on fan or lights . . . that would likely be the spa override switch.

The other is there is a GFCI device usually in the master closet dedicated to the tub that also needs to be in the on position in order for the tub to work. There is no reason that the GFCI would be tripped or off at this time.