1-Year Builder Warranty InspectionWhy would I consider doing a 1-year builder’s warranty inspection? No one knows better than you of the items that are not, or do not seem to be right in your home. You may have started a list of items that you would like to discuss with Aadvanced Inspection so that you get a better understanding of their importance. You need to know what a builder should willingly take care of, what the builder won’t, and why. It is important to submit your list to the builder before one year of your closing date so that you have a binding document of issues the builder is obligated to complete.

Common discoveries in the first year of the new home are air distribution (air is not balanced causing noticeable & uncomfortable temperature fluctuations across the home), loose plumbing valve handles, windows operation deficiencies, visible daylight around a close exterior door, circuit breakers that seem to trip routinely, standing water along the property line, missing air filters in the fresh air ventilation system, etcetera.

The inspection report will detail the mechanical-structural issues that come up and include as many as your personal discoveries that fall within the realm of the TREC report guidelines. The report includes a summary section at the end of the report making it easy for the builder to comprehend. The builder is obligated to do almost everything on your lists. Let the builder pick up the cost for these items that fall within the warranty period.

Here is a recent 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection on a 5,000 SF home. I did the Pre-Drywall, the New Construction Final, and the 1-Year Builder’s Warranty inspections on this home. The owner told me that, “I have recently received several glossy 1-Year Warranty fliers touting drone photos and IR camera examination but there is nothing that replaces experience”. He knows that I was a custom builder for seventeen years and a home inspector for twenty-six. Yes, we have special tools for detecting moisture and foundation movement if needed. 

“Robert was really experienced and walked us through the whole process. He was really informative and didn’t hesitate to explain the whole process. I don’t usually leave reviews but the whole process was made so simple and Robert is a really nice guy who knows what he is doing so I decided it would be helpful for other people trying to get their house inspection. Kudos to Robert and aadvanced inspections inc.” – Review of AAdvanced Inspections Inc. By Richa Shrestha

Professional, Knowledgeable, Thorough, AAdvanced Inspections Inc. provides outstanding service to help you to make a confident buying decision.

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