Robert Taylor is an Experienced Home Inspector.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) issued license #3619 to Robert in 1993. Robert has 17 years experience as a General Building Contractor in California and 24+ years working full time in property inspection. Robert has successfully completed 7,500+ property inspections which includes: homes, condos, town homes, duplexes and some commercial properties. Robert has a reputation of being very thorough, knowledgeable and professional.




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Aadvanced Inspections Inc. serves the following areas: Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, and Frisco, all of Collin County, North Dallas, South & West Denton County, and Grayson County South of Van Alstyne, Rockwall, and Northwest Tarrant County

…A Thorough Home Inspection Could Save You Thousands of Dollars!

The home you have selected may appear to be just what you are looking for, but how can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious unknown defects! The inspection is designed to locate, expose problems and/or potential problems, which may make this future investment a costly one. I am dedicated to providing you with valuable information about your potential home. I  thoroughly inspect all major components of the subject property to expose unknown defects. Many items that will be in the report are often manageable repairs; however, important items that can be costly may include issues with: foundation, roof, heating, air, termites, rodent activity, water penetration or swimming pool issues.

I encourage you to be present at the completion of the inspection to listen and better understand what was discovered. Be sure to ask questions regarding your concerns. Upon receiving the report, you may decide to terminate the contract and continue your home search. AAdvanced will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

The inspection time varies with the size and complexity of the house, but a general rule of thumb is one hour for every 1,000 square feet. Additional time will be needed for swimming pools, detached structures, and homes with a crawl space. The older the home the longer the report will be. A computerized report will be emailed to you within 24 hours (in most casses, you will receive the report before midnight on the day the inspection).

Why Choose Aadvanced Inspections?

  • Licensed General Building Contractor for 17 years.
  • Experienced with building construction – from the ground up!
  • Worked full time doing home inspections for over 24+ years.
  • Successfully completed thousands of home inspections.
  • Also provide inspections for: termite, foundations, infrared, pools, and building construction consulting.
  • Property inspection knowledge has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.
  • Many repeat clients, and clients who frequently refer Aadvanced Inspections to their friends & relatives.
  • Clients descriptions include: knowledgeable, helpful, patient, thorough, moral, ethical, make the process much easier, and provide accurate, detailed reporting.
  • Insurance Coverage includes: Error of Omissions and General Liability.

Choosing an Inspector

The consumer needs to know that price alone should not be the determining factor for selecting your home inspector. The best price does not translate into the Buyer receiving a quality inspection. Inspectors are all required to work by the TREC guidelines, but this does not mean that all Property Inspection Reports or Inspectors are equal. Inspection knowledge is gained by practicing the trade and having numerous experiences under one’s belt. While all home inspectors have a TREC license, many have gained their industry knowledge from primarily classroom education. Unfortunately, classroom knowledge alone does not help all inspectors fully understand how to assess the issues they encounter in the field – only time and extensive experience can achive that goal. You get what you pay for…  Make the right investment to get the right answers.

So, who makes a good inspector? Inspectors that started their career in building and construction. Inspectors that have many years of inspection experience. Inspectors that served an apprenticeship with an established inspection firm. With 40+ years of construction and inspection experience, Aadvanced Inspections offers the skilled-expertise in all these areas.


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