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So, who makes a good inspector? Inspectors that started their career in building and construction. Inspectors that have many years of inspection experience. Inspectors that served an apprenticeship with an established inspection firm. With 40+ years of construction and inspection experience, Aadvanced Inspections Inc. offers the skilled-expertise in all these areas. Schedule Your Home Inspections Plano, TX Today!

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The home you have selected may appear to be just what you are looking for, but how can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious unknown defects! The inspection is designed to locate, expose problems, and/or potential problems, which may make this future investment a costly one. I am dedicated to providing you with valuable information about your potential home. I  thoroughly inspect all major components of the subject property to expose unknown defects. Many items that will be in the report are often manageable repairs; however, important items that can be costly may include issues with: foundation, roof, heating, air, termites, rodent activity, water penetration, or swimming pool issues.

I encourage you to be present at the completion of the inspection to listen and better understand what was discovered. Be sure to ask questions regarding your concerns. Upon receiving the report, you may decide to terminate the contract and continue your home search. AAdvanced will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

The inspection time varies with the size and complexity of the house, but a general rule of thumb is one hour for every 1,000 square feet. Additional time will be needed for swimming pools, detached structures, and homes with a crawl space. The older the home the longer the report will be. A computerized report will be emailed to you within 24 hours (in most cases, you will receive the report before midnight on the day of the inspection).

Why Choose Aadvanced Inspections Inc.?

  • Licensed General Building Contractor for 17 years.
  • Experienced with building construction – from the ground up!
  • Worked full time doing home inspections for over 24+ years.
  • Successfully completed thousands of home inspections.
  • Also provide inspections for termite, foundations, infrared, pools, and building construction consulting.
  • Property inspection knowledge has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.
  • Many previous clients frequently refer us, Aadvanced Inspections Inc. to their friends & relatives.
  • Clients’ descriptions include: knowledgeable, helpful, patient, thorough, moral, ethical, make the process much easier, and provide accurate, detailed reporting.
  • Insurance Coverage includes Error of Omissions and General Liability.

Aadvanced Inspections Inc, Your Best Choice For Home Inspection Services!

Our Reviews

Mohamad K S F
Mohamad K S F
02:34 05 Nov 23
Robert did the job at the highest quality, very patiently, and so competently. Also, with the patience, passion, and friendliness he has for explaining inspection details to non-experts, he could be a good teacher. I will book Robert for all my future inspection jobs.
John Lin
John Lin
22:33 24 Sep 23
Mr. Robert Taylor helped me to inspect a few homes either owned by me or my business or by my relatives for more than 10 years. Robert is a true expert in industry with a deep and comprehensive knowledge, and a long time experience in his profession. He is detail oriented, quick responsive and very pleasant to work with. His inspect reports have the best quality and value so far I have seen. Very pleased to work with Robert. Highly recommend Mr. Robert Taylor to my friends and relatives.
Tiffany White
Tiffany White
14:35 23 Sep 23
Wow. You know the difference between someone who's job this just is and someone who is a true professional. Robert is amazing and his reports are so thorough. He doesn't just care about the business he cares about his clients as people. He can actually put himself in your shoes which to me is another Hallmark of a professional. I cannot give him enough stars on here, but just look at his record. 92 reviews and a 5star rating. Go with this guy and you'll see why he's got those 5 stars!!Thank you so much Robert for your outstanding quality!!
Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson
11:01 14 Aug 23
Robert and his team are by far the best inspection group I have ever worked with. Prepared, detailed , very quick feedback. Outstanding follow up..
00:05 11 Jun 23
Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton
01:25 17 May 23
Mr. Robert Taylor is an absolute life saver. He is exceedingly professional, prompt, and demonstrated a mastery of home-construction and maintenance concerns. He was able to address all of our questions in an easy-to-understand manner, worked overtime to provide a quick report during hotly-contested negotiations, and showed an exception level of attention to detail. He was a steady hand in a very stressful and complex process. We are so thankful we entrusted Mr. Taylor with our home hunt, especially as we were first time home buyers and new to game. I would strongly recommend Mr. Taylor to my family and friends.
Lei Pan
Lei Pan
21:19 09 May 23
Robert performed two house inspections for us during 2 weeks period. He is very responsive, thorough, attentive to details, patient, honest, friendly and personal. The quality of his work is beyond A+. For both times, he invited us to walk through the house and explained with detailed information and professional advices regarding the property. Each time we learned things we would never know by just reading reports due to our limited understanding about the technical parts of houses. The walk through is extremely helpful. His work helped us to make a right decision that avoided a disastrous purchase. I appreciate his genuine heart to help and his above and beyond working ethnics. I am very thankful to be referred to him by my realtor. I would highly recommend anyone who needs help in this area.
Ivy Waterman
Ivy Waterman
00:45 13 Jun 22
Robert has been extremely detailed on his report, responsive to my calls, and explain issues and remedies in plain English to me (Buyer Agent) and to my home buyers. We really appreciate his service. I will do business again with him.
ben davis
ben davis
16:14 30 May 22
Great inspection with a great inspector. He took the time to throughly inspect and explain every finding with me along with alot of the cosmetic issues that weren't included in the inspection. I would and will recommend him to anyone I know that needs an inspector.
Claudir Moretti
Claudir Moretti
19:40 22 Nov 21
All inspection work was carried out with great professionalism and competence. Thoroughly identifying relevant points to be considered for my final walkthrough with builder.
Melissa McGarity
Melissa McGarity
20:56 14 Aug 21
I’ve used this company several times and Robert not only is a very professional inspector, he is quite thorough, reasonably priced, and actually a really nice guy.
12:14 16 Jul 21
Robert was great! Extremely thankful for his guidance, wisdom, and thorough knowledge of older homes.
Joshua Whittenburg
Joshua Whittenburg
14:55 23 Mar 21
Robert was thorough, professional and made his inspection report easy to understand.
Ghitta Torrico - Ebby Halliday Realtor
Ghitta Torrico - Ebby Halliday Realtor
12:56 14 Oct 20
Robert Taylor has proven over and over to be the most detailed oriented, on time inspector, and courteous that I know in the real estate industry. His knowledge and experience qualify Robert as a mater inspector.
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Home Inspection Plano TX

A home inspector in Plano, TX should be a part of every real estate transaction, whether buying or selling. Each home should undergo a non-invasive inspection to evaluate its current condition. Aadvanced Inspections Inc. takes pride in providing the most thorough and detailed inspection of your property.  Inspectors are all required to work by the TREC guidelines, but this does not mean that all Property Inspection Reports or Inspectors are equal. Inspection knowledge is gained by practicing the trade and having numerous experiences under one’s belt. While all home inspectors have a TREC license, many have gained their industry knowledge from primarily classroom education.

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AADVANCED INSPECTIONS Home InspectorFriendly, Knowledgeable Office Staff waiting for your call Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to answer your questions and schedule your inspection.

If you are able to attend the inspection, I will go over the most important discoveries that were made. Together we can discuss and take a first-hand look at these issues. I communicate clearly to help you understand what are the important issues to pursue in your negotiations.

After the onsite portion of the home inspection is completed, you will receive a comprehensive, detailed computerized inspection report with photos.

If Visual Termites and/or Visual Mold are present, I will advise you on what to do next. If you need a written termite report for your lender, I am licensed to do so and able to provide you with an Official Texas WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report).

I carry Error & Omissions insurance as is required by the state of Texas.

I carry General Liability insurance which is not required by Texas but provides another layer of coverage for the inspector and property.

You can reach me by phone and/or email anytime. I am available to answer questions and provide you with solutions to help assist you long after the home inspection has been completed.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Thorough, AAdvanced Inspections Inc. provides outstanding service to help you to make a confident buying decision.

Buying a home means making the best decision for your family. Our licensed and professional home inspectors have the experience and provide the services with due diligence to give you the “Peace Of Mind” you deserve on the home we inspect. Schedule your home inspection with AAdvanced Inspections Inc., Today!

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